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Alexander DeStefano, Executive Director | Caloosa Humane Society
Alexander DeStefano
Executive Director
Alex moved to South Florida in 2001. Alex soon after began volunteering at his local animal control organization, which jump-started his career into animal welfare. Alex has since worked in the animal welfare profession in both technical and administrative roles, bringing over 10 years of experience to Caloosa Humane Society.

Alex is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations, in an effort to save the lives of as many pets as possible in the State of Florida.

Swea received an MA in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. First as an army brat, and later as an adult. Swea has lived in France, Germany and several states in the USA. She now hails from the Florida countryside and writes ghost stories. When she’s not writing or working at her firm, Riverworks Management, you’ll find her and her husband Mark taking care of “several” cats, two dogs, and two horses. Along with participating on the Board and handling the monthly yard sales, Swea enjoys the reputation of being a cat lady and is an active foster mama for the shelter.
Rick was born and raised in the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. During his childhood in the islands his passion was always animals, and he had the pleasure of having donkeys, monkeys, parrots, parakeets, goats, rabbits, and more, among of course the regular family dogs and cats. Rick moved to the USA as a teenager and has made a career as an International Sales Representative in the aviation industry, consisting of extensive travel throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East, with current focus on the African continent. Rick and his wife Sherill moved to LaBelle in 2011 and currently enjoy their four-footer children, consisting of rescue dogs and cats. From arrival in LaBelle, they focused their passion on the Caloosa Humane Society as local supporters, and subsequently were elected as the newest members of the CHS Board of Directors in late 2015. Rick feels honored to be part of the organization and looks forward to providing his continued support and contribution over the years to come.
Karla is a native of Ft. Myers, also having lived in Gainesville, FL, Reno, NV and San Antonio, TX. She has been a registered nurse for 32 yrs. A lifelong animal lover, she has always had multiple rescue animals at any given time. Her first encounter with CHS was going to one of their monthly garage sales several years ago, where she bought tickets for the Peace, Love and Paws Gala. This led to volunteering and ultimately joining the board in December 2016. Karla and her husband, Steve, reside in Alva. They share their home with 6 dogs, 5 cats, 3 cows, 2 mustangs and 1 burro, all rescues of course. Steve loves animals just as much as she does.
Tim Haley has been a LaBelle resident for the last 30 years. A long time Humane Society supporter, served as a past President and a current Board Member. Tim and his partner are the parents of three adopted dogs.
Sherill was born and raised in Indiana, and spent her early years in various parts of the USA, ending up in Ft. Lauderdale.  Sherill and her husband Rick moved to LaBelle in 2011 and became supporters of the Caloosa Humane Society.  As a child, Sherill felt a special bond with animals, and always enjoyed a variety of family dogs and cats while growing up.  Sherill has been involved with animal rescue for many years, including fostering for and contributing to a cat adoption organization in Ft. Lauderdale.

Today Sherill enjoys her furry children family, consisting of her three adopted dogs, Safari, Sarah, and Spirit, with the last two being CHS adoptions.  The family is rounded out by 10 indoor cats and a couple of strays she keeps an eye on.  Sherill is extremely excited about her involvement with the organization and looks forward to continuing her support of the many causes and functions at CHS.

Steve grew up in Sarasota, Florida where his family always had dogs and horses. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Florida in 1990. His first job after graduation landed him in Ft. Myers working for an agricultural chemical manufacturer. For the past twenty years he has managed the Helena Chemical location in Immokalee, while residing in Alva with his wife Karla. The couple have adopted numerous animals over the years from dogs to cats, horses, cows and a donkey. Steve always says that if an animal crosses their cattle guard, then it has probably found it’s forever home
Toni is a trial attorney who carefully evaluates a matter to find individualized resolutions to each client’s unique case. She prides herself on keeping her clients well informed, and maintains the integrity to give a prospective client an honest assessment to the strengths and weaknesses of their position, and providing a low-cost or free alternative to litigation if available.

Currently a solo general practice lawyer at Peck Law Office, P.A., Toni’s mission is to meet the legal needs of the community.  She is committed to public service through acceptance of pro bono cases, self-represented litigant assistance and presentations in area schools.  Prior to her election to the CHS Board of Directors in 2017, Toni served as pro bono counsel to CHS.  Toni received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota and her law degree from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN, and she is licensed to practice law in both Florida and Minnesota.

When not practicing law, Toni is playing the oboe or flute with various community bands, training for her next triathlon, or out on an adventure with her husband and three children.  If you don’t see her there, you might inquire after her with the family master, Sir Fred the basset hound.